Now Hiring

Product Strategists

Your day-to-day

Most of the time, you will work in a small agile team along with the client(s), a designer, and one or two developers. You will typically focus on one or two projects at a time, leading your project team to define and create a product that aligns with customer needs and business objectives.

Usual activities include:

  • Conduct stakeholder and customer/user interviews
  • Conduct competitive analysis
  • Lead collaborative workshops to define product vision and goals
  • Plan and execute lean experiments to validate product ideas
  • Rapid prototyping in the form of sketches and wireframes
  • Conduct usability tests

What we're looking for

  • Ability to balance big-picture thinking with detail-oriented execution
  • Proven success launching products
  • Exceptional communication and collaboration skills
  • Thorough understanding of Lean Startup principles and techniques
  • Ability to make stuff and hack good outcomes from limited time and budgets
  • A background in engineering or design

What we value

Same Team

There is no “us” vs. “them." We are on the client’s team and vice versa. We teach them about good design and development and they teach us about their industry and customers. We rally around a shared goal and measure our success by theirs. Adopt the idea that if the project fails, it is your responsibility.

People Before Pixels

We make things for humans. Behind every business plan, software application, or digital art piece is a human motivation that we aim to satisfy. If you don't know what it is, talk to people. Always ask "why?"


Thought is cheap. Talk is cheap. Sketch files and localhost are cheap. We measure progress by what we put into the world and what we learn from doing so. Make small bets and test them outside of the building.

Make It Better

Creating great digital experiences is an iterative process. Our basic project approach is: Think. Make. Validate. Make it better. But what makes us better at making things better? Simple: we make ourselves better. We're constantly pushing the limits of our own knowledge and working to improve our skills and process.


  • Full health benefits, including vision, dental, and long term disability
  • Flexible PTO policy
  • 401(k) program
  • Work sustainable hours in an environment that respects a healthy work/life balance
  • Strong cultural emphasis on continual improvement, including individual education budgets, team training, and mentorship
  • Attend local and national conferences as a team