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Design Sprint

You have a problem. Perhaps you aren’t hitting your metrics. Perhaps you’re getting too many customer service calls. Or perhaps you just can’t figure out how a flow or interface should work. Taking cues from IDEO, Google, and others, we’ve created a cost-effective way to apply design thinking to your big hairy problem.

How it works

  1. You give us a crash course in your business and competitors
  2. The team clarifies the problem and breaks down assumptions
  3. We facilitate and participate in a design studio
  4. The team convenes on what to test
  5. We create a prototype and test plan
  6. We recruit and conduct the test
  7. You receive a report on the results and recommendations for proceeding

What to expect

The design sprint is a structured program designed to clarify a problem, generate dozens of potential solutions, prototype the best one, and prove (or disprove) that it solves the problem. It is fast and intense because the idea is to minimize the cost to validate ideas.

We typically conduct the sprint at our office but can travel to yours if you are in or near Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York City. An effective design sprint depends on participation from at least one person from your team, and benefits from having up to six people from different departments.

The design sprint is a great way to break through and create new solutions that wouldn’t be generated by a single person. It's also an ideal first step for any new feature or product, as it is designed to reduce risk in your investment by minimizing the cost to validate.

What you get

  • Two Philosophie designers/facilitators
  • A clear problem definition and solution hypothesis
  • Design studio workshop
  • Design prototype for testing
  • User testing plan
  • Test report and recommendations
  • The knowledge to repeat the process on your own

Next steps

Ready for a design spike? Kicking off a new project? Have a tricky problem to solve? Please reach out and start a conversation